R.I.P. Neverscapes

March 13th 2007 – July 27th 2007
Died of neglect.

As my first attempt at a serious blog Neverscapes was doomed to failure from the outset, but I learned a bit about PHP and blogging from trying it and it was good fun for a while. I left it up after I started Nostalgia For Infinity (which I’m happy to say has already greatly outlived its predecessor) because there were some posts I thought were neat. However as it’s attracting more and more spam, I’m going to steal away the best content, repost it here, and delete Neverscapes.

As it turns out, “best content” amounts to three posts, with most of the rest being either poorly written or… what’s the opposite of timeless? Is it “shit”? No, wait… “Timecop“.

Anyway, these three blasts from the past will be appearing on the coming Monday, Wednesday and Friday respectively. Enjoy!

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