Injecting Botox for pleasure

On second thought, I wouldn’t really recommend that. has had a bit of a facelift thanks to the wonderful Kerry Turner (of Really Fancy Games). The text in posts is now a little larger and more widely-spaced, and the block quotes are no longer emboldened. Hopefully this makes it easier to read, although I’d appreciate your feedback on this. If you can think of other tweaks that would help this blog walk that fine line between looking good and being readable, please: suggest away.

My blogroll has also been broken down into categories. It should now be useful as a resource for locating new blogs and websites, as opposed to being a mere long, meaningless column of names and erratically mixed case. I think the categories could still do with some reorganisation. For example, I think the large and generic “SF&F” could be broken into two categories; one for writers and critics, and one for futurist speculation, science news, and other larger sites and resources. For now, though, I’ll leave it be. And of course feedback is appreciated here, too…

Finally, I’m considering adding a bit more web two-point-WOAH to How would readers feel about an occasional (say bi-weekly) link round-up, akin to the sort of thing you see on VCTB? I’ve yet to investigate this in depth, but it would be neat to know if people would be interested in this sort of thing (or are revolted by the very idea).

I’m also working on some actual new content. You’d better believe it!

4 Responses to “Injecting Botox for pleasure”
  1. Paul Raven says:

    “How would readers feel about an occasional (say bi-weekly) link round-up, akin to the sort of thing you see on VCTB?”

    Nah, they’re over-rated. ;)

    Pretty easy to set up, though, once you have a account – but I think they’re daily by default. However, you can use Google Notepad with the Firefox extension to match to clip pages in a similar way, and with a certain amount of through-hoops-jumping you can get it to squirt the list, links and titles and all, into a Google Document. Then you can download that as an RTF, save locally, then copy from there and paste into the WordPress edit screen using the Paste-from-Word feature to preserve the links but remove the horrible HTML that Google Docs produces, which would probably work better for a weekly post (and has been experimented with for Friday Free Fiction posts at you-know-where).

    Bloody hell. It’s no wonder I don’t have a girlfriend.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Damn, that sounds a bit complicated. Maybe I should just go for the daily option! It’s a shame you can’t tell it not to post certain links, as I tag every band I listen to on MySpace/Purevolume in, even if they’re shite. I guess I could start doing those as private bookmarks.

    (I feel your pain, buddy…)

  3. Paul Raven says:

    It’s not as complicated as I may have made it sound, TBH. It’s not much fun when you’re working to the deadline of Friday night with the bar calling, of course …

  4. Shaun CG says:

    I think I’ll just have a play with the automated thingy. If I don’t like it, I might try the alternative you suggest. I don’t imagine it would take longer than about half an hour to pick out the week’s best links and write a bit of blurb for them.

    Then again, I’m often too optimistic about how long things take…