F3: Skyflowers

As with so many other weeks I had a bigger, deeper piece of flash fiction on the go, but it’s unfinished and probably wants completely rewriting anyway. So instead, have something that I wrote off the cuff today. Hope you enjoy it!



The sky is alight with reds, yellows and whites. It is as if vast flowers have grown up among the clouds, unfurling great petals licked with broadly-painted patterns. Their colours are so bright it hurts, but they are not so bright that they cannot be looked at.

Jaqi and Sara lie on the roof of the block of flats that has been their home for the last two years, holding hands and looking up at the flowers in the sky. A gust of wind sends goosebumps running up their bare arms and shins, and in the sky a new flower blooms. Appearing almost directly overhead, it is red with pointed streaks of greasy black.

Sara points at it with her free hand. ‘That one’s a dahlia,’ she says. She senses that Jaqi is smiling and so she smiles too.

A few seconds later there is a terrible rumbling sound as though the air itself is being shaken apart, and then there is a noise like a sheet of packing paper being suddenly squashed, and the wail of sirens. Jaqi tilts her head to one side, looking east.

‘The second ward,’ she says. Her voice is soft and sad. They both know others living in the many blocks of government housing that stand in ranked lines across this small county. Sara squeezes Jaqi’s hand, and Jaqi responds with a stroking thumb. They turn their attention back to the scentless skies, where new flowers bloom and old flowers fade.

3 Responses to “F3: Skyflowers”
  1. Neil says:

    Nice resonance. I like the last line a lot.

  2. GLP says:

    Creepy. I want to know more!

  3. Shaun CG says:

    Thanks, guys! I’m not sure if I’ll return to the setting as this story was basically an exercise in storytelling by not telling, but it was fun to write.