Okay, not quite. Quote Unquote records (home of Bomb the Music Industry!, We versus the Shark, Pegasuses X-L, the Riot Before and more) describes itself as “the world’s first donation-based record label”. True or not, it’s punk as fuck and I like it a lot. Kudos to all the artists featured, and especially to BtMI! for putting pretty much their whole discography online. Make sure you click the ‘Info’ link as the page describing the label is crammed full of independent charm and vigour.

You can download without donating, so why not try out a few tracks and see if you’re into any of their roster? If you like them then head back, send a few bucks their way and download some awesome new music. I personally recommend BtMI!’s Get Warmer, which is barely leaving my CD player at the moment…

Oh, and check out this Black Flag Hairstyle Timeline. Someone somewhere now has too much time on their hands, so more of this please.

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