Illuminations: an anthology of updates

It seems that you can now buy Illuminations from Blackwell and WH Smiths, which is cool as it may generate a few more sales. We’re not on Amazon though. Probably something to do with that £2 markup on small presses. Fuckers.

As ever, the best place to buy a copy is from Odd Two Out, because that way other retailers don’t eat profits that could go to the NSPCC, and also because you can buy the eBook version for a donation (of which ALL profits go to the NSPCC).

Each of the contributors also took home a bundle of books to sell themselves, and I’m fair chuffed to report that I’ve now sold all of mine! Well, there are a few left which have been reserved by people too poor to afford one right now. Damn students / dirty unwashed hippies.

The scariest bit of news came from my mum – apparently my nan wants a copy. That’s awesome, of course, but I’m not sure how a Baptist in her 60s will react to Slip It In.

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