A few small plugs

A chap I work with has recently published a piece of flash fiction in Tall Tales and Modern Fables, and as it’s really quite excellent and he did buy a copy of my book, I feel obliged to share. Click here to read ‘Unquenched‘ by Daniel Raven.

Another work colleague, albeit one in the realms of development rather than the glorified breaking things that we engage in, has recently put up a shiny new WordPress blog for her one-women games studio. Check out Really Fancy Games here. Her first project is to be a point-and-click adventure game about the Bronte sisters, and she was recently interviewed by The Guardian. Intrigued? Drop by and encourage her to finish that demo.

One Response to “A few small plugs”
  1. Justin says:

    Really Fancy Games looks, uh, really fancy. :-)

    Thanks for the heads up!