Orbital 2008 round-up #1

Just a quick post while I drink my tea – Charles Stross is doing his Guest of Honour piece at the moment and I don’t doubt it’s highly entertaining – with a few highlights of the Con so far.

  • Our mid-afternoon workshop on Saturday was reasonably well-attended. The audience outnumbered the panel, which was no mean feat given that there were seven of us. We talked a little about the nature of flash and the reasons why we write flash on Fridays, and then everyone sat down to write a piece. I wrote two, plus some six-word shots, thereby demonstrating the fallacy of quantity over quality. Some of us – panel and audience – read out our pieces and offered some comment, and that was that! I think everyone enjoyed themselves and perhaps learned a little, which was great. We even sold a few books, and I was quite bewildered to sign several copies.
  • Best programme item so far has been China Mieville’s GoH speech and Q&A. Possibly more on this later.
  • I may have some photos from the BSFA Awards, but I suspect my shots are blurrier than the shakiest shakicam footage. Semper idem.
  • I’ve never seen anyone pour a pint of lager quite as badly as some of the hotel staff are managing. Poor buggers: they clearly don’t know what’s hit ’em.

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