Illuminations: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology (plugplugplug)

IlluminationsOdd Two Out press has announced the release of Illuminations – a new anthology showcasing original, cutting edge short fiction from eight up-and-coming young writers, including your host, who is not above stealing press releases when a bit pushed for time.

Illuminations collects together the best Friday Flash Fiction posted by myself and the other Friday Flash Fictioneers.

Edited by Paul Graham Raven (of Interzone and Futurismic fame), the sixty-eight pieces in Illuminations range from mainstream literature to far-out speculation; from horror to humour; from outright fantasy to straight-faced space opera. And being flash fiction they are all less than 1,000 words long, making the book perfect for dipping into.

The collection is available in paperback from Odd Two Out Press for £6.99 including postage and packing, and can be ordered directly via:

From the web site:

“Friday Flash Fiction started out as a writing exercise on the blog of fast-rising sf author Gareth L Powell but quickly became a bona fide web phenomenon with writers from across the world taking up the challenge. Illuminations presents some of the best Friday Flash Fiction, collected in print for the first time.”

The featured writers are: Dan Pawley, Gareth D Jones, Gareth L Powell, Justin Pickard, Martin McGrath, Neil Beynon, Paul Graham Raven, and Shaun C Green. We come from diverse walks of life – musicians, office workers, freelance journalists, students, magazine editors – and this new anthology collects together the best of our weekly output, along with introductions from myself and Paul.

All the stories in Illuminations are published under a Creative Commons licence that permits them to be reproduced in the public domain as long as no profit is made in the process.

Copies of Illuminations: The Flash Fiction Anthology will be available to order for £6.99 from Odd Two Out Publishing, or from the authors themselves. All profits from the sale of Illuminations will be donated to the NSPCC.

Alternatively, The Fictioneers will be running a flash fiction workshop as part of Orbital 2008, the British Science Fiction convention held at the Raddisson Hotel, Heathrow over the Easter weekend. Convention-goers are invited to come along to quiz the team and have a go at writing their own extremely short fiction.

From the back cover:

“Join the Friday Flash Fictioneers as they take you on a whistle-stop tour featuring the best of their stories from the last twelve months. From bright dawn on new worlds to the darkest shores of our own planet, from heartbreak to laughter – nowhere is off limits as long as it can be told in a flash. Spellbinding, unpredictable and entertaining. These small flashes – these illuminations – showcase the powerful art of very short fiction and reveal a group of writers for whom the sheer joy of storytelling shines through every word.”

Place your order(s) at:

On a personal note, it’s enormously exciting to see this project come to fruition, and I can’t wait until I have a copy of it in my hands. It’s also fantastic to be rubbing shoulders, in print, with my fellow F3 writers. Today’s Friday Flash Fiction will be posted later today – as my press release theft indicates I’m rather busy at the moment! In the meantime, why not go investigate my comrades-in-keyboards or the Odd Two Out website?

Plug, plug, plug.

4 Responses to “Illuminations: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology (plugplugplug)”
  1. Trudi Topham says:

    Ooo you little plugger!

    This does look super-awesome, though. I may be having to purchase a copy…

  2. Ian says:

    Great, Shaun! Maybe in the second edition there can be room for a CD of audible efforts? :-)

  3. Shaun CG says:

    Cheers Trudi & Ian – we’re all well chuffed! And please do purchase copies… it’s for such a good cause. ;)

    Ian: a collection of podcast stories is a rather good idea, I think. We’ll have to see if Martin agrees at Eastercon!

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