F3: Excerpts from Eastercon

As previously mentioned our panel on flash fiction involved us all writing our own pieces of flash. Since we were basically writing ex nihilo I was a bit short of ideas, and so ended up writing several short pieces. The first drabble is a bit of nonsense based on one of Gareth D Jones’ potted ideas, the second is a thematically similar piece (with poor use of perspective) that occurred to me while writing the first, and then there are some silly six-word stories I wrote in the last five minutes of finishing-up. I should probably have focused on one longer and more refined piece, but hey. This is what I wrote, just as I wrote it during the panel.



‘I wouldn’t park there,’ she said. ‘That space is a rift between worlds, a vein rich potentiality dividing order from chaos.’

She flashed a smile like moonshine. ‘Also, it’s a disabled space.’

‘I don’t own a car,’ I replied, naturally more than a little confused.

Still smiling, she told me that one day I would, that I would fall in love, and that everything I knew would wither and die. Then she walked over to the painted symbol of a wheelchair and vanished.

I followed her steps to where she had last stood and tested the ground with a cautious poke of the foot. Nothing but hard tarmac and reality.



She stood on the observation deck, watching the stars above the gas giant below, and thought of the heat death of the universe. He stood by her side, hands clasped behind his back, watching her reflection in the window and what he thought was fear in her eyes.

Protocol denied him the right to an overt display of affection, and though he longed to put an arm around her he remained silent and stoic.

‘Are you afraid, Jean?’

The question took him by surprise, uttered by lips in a face still transfixed by the stellar vista.

‘About what?’

‘Tomorrow. The day after. The instant in which this starship is annihilated without warning, just a G-shift as the AI reacts. There’ll be no time then. Why not fear now?’

He was silent for a time.

‘Beyond strategy,’ he replied, ‘I try not to think of tomorrow.’

She sighed, turning away from the window, away from him. ‘There’s no profundity in the stars.’


Those 6-word stories…

The Singularity, it comes. We go.

Time! broken has some out! Look

Authors: give life, can’t take away.

4 Responses to “F3: Excerpts from Eastercon”
  1. GLP says:

    Hi Shaun. Judging by the number of stories online this week, it was a very productive panel! I particularly like Potentiality and think it has – ahem – potential.

  2. Now that’s what I call flashing!

  3. Justin says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the fantastic and the mundane in Potentiality.

  4. Shaun CG says:

    GLP: I suppose none of us had any excuse *not* to post something… ;)

    Gareth: short but sweet. Well… maybe just short.

    Glad Potentiality was popular. I seem to be straying into that sort of territory quite a bit lately.