As Friends Rust to reform for European shows

Via PunkNews comes an announcement that makes me outrageously happy: veteran Gainesville, FL punkers As Friends Rust are to reform to play a clutch of European shows, including at least one in the UK.

Full details are yet to come but the following appeared on their MySpace page:

“Europe is on in August. We’re coming clean about that shit. UK and Belgium shows already confirmed. Seven years later, five shows only, and probably never again. Bring your dancing shoes.”

It seems to have vanished now, but I’m hoping that means “getting more details” rather than “cruel prank”.

As Friends Rust were one of my first introductions to Gainesville punk and to this day they remain one of my favourite bands. Despite only producing a few EPs and one album they were rarely less than excellent, and I can only imagine that these reformation shows will be worthy of the descriptor “legendary”.

In somewhat related news, two ex-AFR members and Matt Finch of Current (also featuring ex-AFR members) launched a new label last month: Sound Study Recordings. Their first signing is (surprise!) Gainesville’s Liquid Limbs, who are a decidedly odd bunch making some strange and strangely appealing music. They’re in the studio at the moment recording their first full-length. For now there’re some demos to listen on MySpace.

Now someone just needs to announce that Hot Water Music are going to play some European reformation shows, possibly alongside Apocalypse Hoboken or Kid Dynamite, and I’ll be happier than a pig in several different kinds of shit.

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