Book Review: Futures From Nature (Ed. Henry Gee)

I’ve belatedly discovered that my review of Futures From Nature, an anthology of 100 pieces of flash fiction collected from the pages of science journal Nature, went live on the TTA Press Blog a few days ago. This review was a bit tricky to write, as you can’t devote much time to any of the […]

F3: Excerpts from Eastercon

As previously mentioned our panel on flash fiction involved us all writing our own pieces of flash. Since we were basically writing ex nihilo I was a bit short of ideas, and so ended up writing several short pieces. The first drabble is a bit of nonsense based on one of Gareth D Jones’ potted […]

Orbital 2008 round-up #2

I never did get round to a second from-Eastercon piece, which is a shame, though with my laptop’s comedy battery perhaps not such a surprise. Still, here I am back at home with a sort of follow-up piece. This is less of a summary of my own experiences – which were many and diverse and […]

Orbital 2008 round-up #1

Just a quick post while I drink my tea – Charles Stross is doing his Guest of Honour piece at the moment and I don’t doubt it’s highly entertaining – with a few highlights of the Con so far. Our mid-afternoon workshop on Saturday was reasonably well-attended. The audience outnumbered the panel, which was no […]

F3: Deadblogging

Well, here I am at my second Eastercon, and it’s a much larger and more intimidating affair than last year’s Contemplation. Fortunately I’ve bumped into fellow F3ers and friends Paul Raven, Gareth Powell, Martin McGrath, Neil Beynon, one Dev Agarwal (another thoroughly nice bloke), the one-man hive of industry that is Ian Whates, plus enjoyed […]

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

News reached me this morning that SF giant Arthur C. Clarke passed away yesterday. His significance to the field need not be stated here, and there are plenty of obituaries elsewhere. R.I.P, Arthur. The Deep Range and 2001 were my personal favourites from Clarke’s oeuvre: how about you?

Band Aid: Financial Panther

Spend long enough nosing around online punk/hardcore communities – quite often punkers congregate around torrent sites, where it’s easiest to obtain rare, deleted old records – and you’ll be quickly made aware of just how many obscure bands there are out there. More often than not they produce one or two records and then split […]

F3: Memories of Place

Late, as usual, and just a very short piece. Hey, why not go read that awesome announcement again? .

Illuminations: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology (plugplugplug)

Odd Two Out press has announced the release of Illuminations – a new anthology showcasing original, cutting edge short fiction from eight up-and-coming young writers, including your host, who is not above stealing press releases when a bit pushed for time. Illuminations collects together the best Friday Flash Fiction posted by myself and the other […]

As Friends Rust to reform for European shows

Via PunkNews comes an announcement that makes me outrageously happy: veteran Gainesville, FL punkers As Friends Rust are to reform to play a clutch of European shows, including at least one in the UK. Full details are yet to come but the following appeared on their MySpace page: “Europe is on in August. We’re coming […]