F3: Sun

I put quite a bit of effort into ‘Love Story’ and ‘This Urban Aesthetic’ so I’m taking it easy this week. Still, I hope you enjoy this shorter-than-usual piece. .

Draft Eastercon programme

The first draft schedule for Orbital 2008 is live. It’s not long now! Hopefully I’ll feel less uncomfortable this time around – which last year was an inevitable consequence of Contemplation 2007 being my first con experience. Still, as I’ve been reminded a few times since, Contemplation was an undersized example as Eastercon goes, what […]

F3: Love Story

Here’s my offering for this week, presented in a timely fashion no less. Don’t forget to check out the other F3ers: Gareth Lyn Powell, Paul Raven, Martin McGrath, Neil Beynon, Gareth D. Jones, Justin Pickard, Dan Pawley, newcomer Greg O’Byrne, and possibly even Ian Hocking – although his first flash may have been a one […]

Shiftless When Idle

There’ll be no Friday Flash from me this week. It’s been a… complicated, and busy, seven days. This evening I also have a work shindig, overshadowed by a very recent tragedy, so I won’t have an opportunity to squeeze in a late piece. Apologies, all.