“If at first you don’t succeed, you fail. And the test will be terminated.”

CakeChances are that by now, if you’re a PC gamer, you’ll have played Valve Software’s innovative and endearing Portal. If you’ve completed it, as you should have, you’ll have also heard Jonathan Coulton’s fantastic song – written from the deranged perspective of GLaDOS‘Still Alive’.

A quite different piece of Portal-based music is this breakbeat track made with various samples from the game. Its title is ‘The Device Has Been Modified’ but the author is a little unclear – I’ve seen different names given around the web – but the most commonly used is Victims of Science. If they have a website or are on MySpace I’d be happy to give them a link, but thus far I’ve not found any such thing. This version in video form is also quite nice.

Finally, if you want to hear the in-game soundtrack, use this thingy to rip it out of your steamapps directory. You can also use that to grab the spoken audio – so you could, for example, have Windows announce startup with “Look – we’re both stuck in this place. I’ll use lasers to inscribe a line down the center of the facility, and one half will be where you live, and I’ll live in the other half. We won’t have to try to kill each other or even talk if we don’t feel like it.”

<3 Portal.

2 Responses to ““If at first you don’t succeed, you fail. And the test will be terminated.””
  1. llwang says:

    http://www.myspace.com/victimsofsciencegxp/music/songs/the-device-has-been-modified-3761940 I think this is the device has been modified from Victims of Science’s myspace page.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Thanks, Ilwang!