Ralph Briggs, editor and maintainer of Yet Another Book Review, has announced that the site will be winding down and closing in the near future. His reasons for this are his own and if he wishes to announce them publicly, I’m sure that he will. The site has yet to announce its impending closure, perhaps because Ralph is waiting to see if anyone else wishes to take the reins (and the cost of hosting it). We shall see.

In any case, although I’ve not contributed a review there for some time, I’ll miss YABR. At the behest of my friend KC Heath I joined the staff there in 2005 and began to write and submit reviews of recently published books as well as classics. This was part of the fun of YABR: as it was a hobbyist rather than pro website, there was freedom to review whatever you wanted (so long as there was a genre connection), however you wanted. As a result I got to dabble with trying different sorts of reviews, from the “book report” summary style review to a quasi-academic approach. It also gave me an intellectual reward that I’d been missing since leaving university which spurred me to a greater (if still limited) involvement in what I’m coming to think of as “critical fandom”.

Thanks to YABR, I learned a lot and had some fun, and these two things are amongst the best in life – right after seeing your enemy driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of der wimmin. Farewell YABR, and thank you Ralph.

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