I can’t do nuttin for ya, man

[Or: A portrait of the blogger as a raging stressmonkey.]

Don’t expect to hear much out of me for a while, or at least with any consistency. My computer is semi-broken, I think with a faulty motherboard that I’ll have to return after several weeks of attempted fixin’. My laptop only works with Kubuntu, which does the basics well enough, but I don’t like spending much time at it. Laptop keyboards aren’t so friendly with RSI; besides which, all my writin’ files are on the semi-broken machine.

In addition to all of this, I’m in two minds as to whether to persevere with NaNoWriMo, given my failure to get anywhere with it so far – primarily thanks to the useless, overpriced, cockknuckled bollocks that’s restricting my access to magic typewriter land. Work is ridiculously busy this week so 1.) I’m stressed out, and 2.) I can’t get anything done here either. I’m behind with critiques for my writing group. I’m behind with stories for my writing group. I’m behind with reviews for Project Fix. I’m behind with reviews for the TTA blog, and for my own blog. My house is a tip. I still have RSI.

So pray excuse me if, for the next week at least, I say “fuck off” to the digital world, and discard these hobbyist commitments in favour of getting a decent night’s sleep, not losing my mind, and actually enjoying life instead of feeling intimidated by how I’m “letting other people down”.

Regular transmissions will be resumed as soon as my life is interspersed with less bullshit. Thanks for your patience. Please pass this on to my writing group, editors etc. if you can. I’m going to try and get at my email, but I’m not very hopeful. I’d rather drink heavily, shoot zombies in the head, and watch Trailer Park Boys.

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