F3: Vote Now!

This one is a little obvious and hurriedly written – sorry guys. I’ve got a few more interesting ideas jotted down but they’d all require a bit more time than I seem to have been left with. Hope you find something to like in this black-humoured piece.

(Edit: Apparently Safari 3 doesn’t like the WordPress visual editor. Apologies if you saw the unformatted version. And thanks to Ben for letting me finish this on his MacBook!)



“The Armada waits, drifting, on the borders of Obneski space. Five thousand capital ships; fifty thousand light corvettes, torpedo boats and troop carriers; seventy thousand support and logistical craft; over six hundred thousand fighters and defence automatons; and uncounted millions of crew, soldiers, gunners, engineers, officers, and sundry other personnel.

“Behind the System Line, drawn by the artillery and torpedo range of Obnesk’s final lines of defence, lies that gutted superpower’s homeworld, ringed by the ragged remnants of their once-powerful fleets. There we see the half-crippled Leviathan-class carrier Obnesk Ob-tye – that’s Glory of Obnesk in rough translation, viewers – sole survivor of the infamous clash at the Rift. Long-term fans will remember the Rift well – where the now deceased War Princep Tung directed his squadrons of light ships and drones to harass the more powerful Railer forces in a stunningly successful delaying action.

“And behind those fallen soldiers of war, those burnished machines of destruction, are the people on the surface and in the caverns of Obnesk itself. Cowering in shelters deep underground, the planet’s populace wonder if this night, or the next, will be their last. Frightened soldiers and politicians do their utmost to shore up the courage of a wavering population, for they know that in this – there can be no surrender.

“So should the hammer fall on the crucible of Obneski civilization? Should the last vestiges of their struggle for independence be crushed? Or perhaps you’d prefer to see Star Admiral Ju’ust stay his hand, and withdraw the fleet – the capture of Obnesk’s colonies and mining operations sufficient to underscore the supremacy of Railer doctrine?

“Vote now, viewers – and determine the fate of a civilization.”

5 Responses to “F3: Vote Now!”
  1. GLP says:

    Wow. I dare not imagine how much *that* phone vote’s going to cost me!

  2. Paul Raven says:

    Good story – the tone is spot on.

    As regards the WordPress visual editor, it’s the one part of WP that even the devs admit is made of fail. Thankfully the rest of it kicks the crap out of all the other blog back-ends out there, even without factoring in the price.

    Once you’re back on your usual machine, I can heartily recommend Windows Live Writer as being that rarest of things – a piece of Microsoft ware that works extremely well and won’t cost you a cent. Give it a whirl – I’ve got almost everyone at F’mic (except the Mac-heads) using it now.

  3. Shaun CG says:

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support.

    Paul: I’ll give Live Writer a whirl, cheers for the tip.

  4. neil says:

    I missed this last week due to my travels but I really liked the idea and as the others say nicely pulled off.