F3: Vote Now!

This one is a little obvious and hurriedly written – sorry guys. I’ve got a few more interesting ideas jotted down but they’d all require a bit more time than I seem to have been left with. Hope you find something to like in this black-humoured piece. (Edit: Apparently Safari 3 doesn’t like the WordPress […]

ShortFic Review: Clarkesworld #14

My review of Clarkesworld Magazine issue #14 has just gone live over at The Fix. It was a tough one to review as both the stories gave me a lot to grapple with, but hopefully I gave them fair and just treatment. Whether or not you read my review I heartily recommend reading the webzine […]

F2: Half-Day of the Dead

Do you see what I did there? Friday Fiction: F2. No flash for you this week. I was going to post this up last Friday to capture some of that ghoulish Halloween spirit, but this was prevented by computer problems. (In fact, you’re mainly seeing this now because I retrieved it from a sent items […]

The Blood Brothers split

As suspected, spazzcore legends The Blood Brothers have officially split up: After 10 years of making music as The Blood Brothers, we have made the collective decision that our time together has come to an end. We feel extremely fortunate to have spent such a deeply memorable and amazing part of our lives with each […]

I can’t do nuttin for ya, man

[Or: A portrait of the blogger as a raging stressmonkey.] Don’t expect to hear much out of me for a while, or at least with any consistency. My computer is semi-broken, I think with a faulty motherboard that I’ll have to return after several weeks of attempted fixin’. My laptop only works with Kubuntu, which […]