No Division

The “punk” bit of this blog is, more often than not, a bit of a lie. Although, come to think of it, my most recent posts have been a short story involving a digital Henry Rollins screaming abuse at a middle-aged perv, and a review of an Islamic punk novel. So perhaps I should say the “gaming” bit of this blog is a bit of a lie. But then that wouldn’t introduce this post so well.

Anyway, this is one of those dreaded news posts. Yes, the ones where the blogger links elsewhere, and the reader puts their face in their hands and thinks “fuck me, don’t let another one slip into the territory of the external linkfest”. Worry not. I’ll still be mostly putting my own rubbish up here, rather than pointing at other people’s. There are far better blogs out there for sounding the blogosphere. But I did want to share some fantastic news, which I can only hope marks the reverse of a trend in punk rock (by which I mean the areas of it which I care about, of course). It has just been announced that Hot Water Music, gruff and melodic stalwarts of Gainesville punk rock, are reforming. They split last year, resulting in many grown men crying, but it seems they’ve taken it back and love us again. The formal announcement is yet to appear but this preliminary news comes via PunkNews. If it turns out to be a cruel hoax, there’ll be murders.

This follows shortly on last week’s equally kickass news that Welsh label Newest Industry also loves us again. Ooh, it’s like having all the punk boyfriends in the world! Apparently those guys just couldn’t keep away from the scene despite losing all that money, and their office being knocked down. And I love them for it. I’d even put out on a first date for them. Or perhaps I’ll just buy that shiny new Four Letter Word 7″.

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