Me, me, me!

How do you introduce a post which is, ultimately, an exercise in narcissism? You begin it with a rhetorical question.

This is really just a quick note to inform my reader (hello Mum) that I’ve been invited to take on a few new reviewing gigs recently, and I’d like to blow my own trumpet a bit. Firstly, I’ll be one of many contributors to the revamped The Fix. Yes, I’ve been slyly mentioning this to a few people for a while now, but Eugie Foster (recently of Tangent Online) has taken the reins of Project Fix and things look set to launch in about a fortnight’s time.

Paul Raven of Velcro City Tourist Board and more recently InterZone reviews ed fame has invited me to join those blogging book reviews over at the T3A Space blog. This, obviously, is also something of an honour.

I don’t expect I’ll be contributing huge amounts, as I work a full week these days and struggle to find the time just for flash fiction amidst life’s trivialities, but you will see material penned by yours truly on occasion. If all goes well and is well-received then who knows, I may set to writing more.

A few other invitations have also been floated at me, but as these are still up in the air I’ll remain sitting on them for a while longer. Still, these are shaping up to be interesting times. Now all that remains is to actually find the time to read and review these curious artefacts.

(Incidentally, my review of Jonathan Green’s Pax Brittannia: Unnatural History is still searching for a home. Perhaps I should simply post it here?)

Edit: I forgot to mention that NaNoWriMo is live. And running very slowly, due to the tens of thousands of people trying to sign up or log in.

2 Responses to “Me, me, me!”
  1. Justin says:

    That is quite possibly the best start to a blog entry ever.

    Well done, dude. :-)

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Cheers, Justin!