Book Review: Diary of Indignities (Patrick Hughes)

I’ve been mulling this one over for a while. The review, not the book. It’s taken me quite a while to figure out how I should begin, and to establish exactly what there is for me to say. Eventually I decided this fairly rambling, conversational tone is probably the best (and, as an added bonus, […]

F3: She Dances

Just a throwaway piece this week, I’m afraid. I was hoping to write something better but I’ve been busy elsewhere: my PC now has a shiny new motherboard and PSU, I have another book review almost ready to post, and I’ve been planning my novel for NaNoWriMo. Well, I say “planning”, but I really mean […]

The Fest: damn it, why is Gainesville so far away? And in Florida?

An old buddy and I have always wanted to travel over to Gainesville, Florida, in order to join in the fun of the Fest. Most of our favourite bands seem to come from Gainesville, or nearby, or be on No Idea Records (the folks principally behind the event). We look at the lineups and sigh, […]

No Division

The “punk” bit of this blog is, more often than not, a bit of a lie. Although, come to think of it, my most recent posts have been a short story involving a digital Henry Rollins screaming abuse at a middle-aged perv, and a review of an Islamic punk novel. So perhaps I should say […]

F3: Slip It In

Has it really been three weeks since I last posted Friday flash? Time flies, I guess. I’ve been working on this one for a couple of weeks now, intending to post it each week, but never quite getting the time to finish it off. But now I have! Stories have happy endings after all, it […]

Book Review: Pax Britannia: Unnatural History (Jonathan Green)

(The following is a review I wrote towards the beginning of the year; after sitting on it a while, I was to see it published in Scalpel Magazine. That magazine folded before the second issue, leaving this review homeless. I’ve not succeeded in getting it placed anywhere else so it’s going up here for the […]

The Fix is live!

Revamped short fiction review venue The Fix has just been relaunched, and already there’s a good dose of spec fic reviewage online. Go have a read, bookmark/RSS the site, blog about it, spread the word, and all that promotional jazz. While you’re there you should have a read of my review of Shiny #1. After […]

A brief extract from ‘The Taqwacores’

The following is a conversation between Yusef and Jehangir, drawn from around the middle of the novel. If you’ve not yet read my review, I’d suggest you go and do so before reading on. Or just do what you want: it’s your call. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this extract from what is quite possibly […]

Book Review: The Taqwacores (Michael Muhammad Knight)

Michael Muhammad Knight’s ‘The Taqwacores’ is a novel of unusual provenance. Originally photocopied and distributed in mosque car parks, it has since spawned a punk subculture based on the fictional taqwacore it portrayed and, if the blurb is to be believed, has been “confiscated in Malaysia, taught in numerous colleges and universities and cited as […]

Me, me, me!

How do you introduce a post which is, ultimately, an exercise in narcissism? You begin it with a rhetorical question. This is really just a quick note to inform my reader (hello Mum) that I’ve been invited to take on a few new reviewing gigs recently, and I’d like to blow my own trumpet a […]