Friday Flash Fiction: Satisfaction

Here’s this week’s flash fiction. Unfortunately this one is a bit of rush job, which is a shame as the idea is more promising than what I’ve done with it. The story began as an attempt to engage with this post and subsequent discussion. I suspect I may have been too literal and drifted off […]

Friday Flash Fiction: I Am Colony

Since I missed out on the theme the week before last, I decided that my story this week should fit the bill. Better late than never, after all, and I am fairly good at being late.

Friday Flash Fiction: Grey Matter

I missed out on the flash party last Friday, but here’s a story I’ve been working on all week that I think quite fondly of. Hope you like it as well. (Note: I’ve just found out that the FFFFacebook group has been used to establish the theme for this week, and because I’ve not checked […]

You can count on me for nothing

No Friday Flash Fiction from me this week – sorry all. I had nothing new written and didn’t, at the time, have access to any old material to use as a placeholder. It seemed sensible to skip a week instead. However, I am happy to write that my meatspace friend (and fellow Brighton NaNoWriMo participant) […]