Friday Flash Fiction: Art Show

It’s late. There were mitigating circumstances (that is, I’m fairly unreliable).

This was a quick jobby written whilst reading Our Biotech Future by Freeman Dyson.


Art Show

‘Stunning!’ said the first judge.

‘A triumph of artistic ingenuity,’ agreed the second.

The third paused before speaking. ‘The contrast between tones is a little garish,’ she said, grudgingly. ‘But I’m really quite impressed.’

They moved on as the recipient of their praise beamed, vindicated in her expectation of high praise.

The next entry was a smaller, duller affair. ‘Interesting,’ said the judges. ‘And yet so limited in scope.’

Its owner smiled and ran a finger gently around a petal. ‘It’s natural,’ she said.

‘Natural?’ asked one of the judges.

‘It’s a rose,’ said the flower’s owner. ‘A single red rose. An original, native species.’

‘Interesting,’ the judges repeated. They looked back at the earlier entry: a great, blooming genengineered flower with multicoloured petals that curled and curved outwards in elegant patterns.

They looked back at the rose.

‘Well, I’m a fan of the classics,’ said the third judge. ‘But it’s really quite anticlimactic.’

They moved on.

2 Responses to “Friday Flash Fiction: Art Show”
  1. neilbe says:

    Interesting. I like.