Band Aid: Jaguar Love

Fans of avant-garde punk rock radicals the Blood Brothers may be pleased to hear that Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato, along with a chap called Jason Clark (according to Wikipedia, this is Jay Clarke ex Pretty Girls Make Graves), have formed Jaguar Love. They have two songs up on their MySpace page, which are (a)typically experimental hardcore punk with Whitney’s unique vocals laid over the top. They’re a bit closer to the Blood Brothers than Neon Blonde (Whitney and Votolato’s other collaboration) but that’s not really saying much.

I say “may be pleased to hear” because we’re still not sure what’s actually happening with The Blood Brothers themselves. Here’s hoping they haven’t split, because that would make Baby Jesus cry… or a kitten kill a domo-kun… or some retarded intarnet shit, for sure.

Oh, and I should also mention another gonzo project, Wild Orchid Children, who have one song up so far, which sounds like the Beastie Boys squealing over weird organ music. It’s great. Apparently this is also ex-Blood Brothers, according to PunkNews, but by the looks of my 30-second research this is because Mark Gajadhar briefly drummed for them. He’s not listed on Wild Orchid Children‘s MySpace page any more.

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