Book Review: William Blum ‘Rogue State: a guide to the world’s only superpower’

Here’s a review of William Blum’s Rogue State, originally written in (I think) 2004. It’s very much a potted summary of the book rather than a critical engagement with it, but it’s interesting to look at and compare to the reviews I’m writing now.

Game Review: Command & Conquer: The First Decade (PC DVD-ROM)

I originally wrote this review in August ’06, and I’m reposting it here now because who the hell reads Gamespot user reviews? I know I don’t.

Friday Flash Fiction: Surreal Botany specimen: Ulex pertorqeuo

To start things off, here’s a sort-of piece of Friday Flash Fiction (kudos to trendsetter Gareth L. Powell). Hopefully I’ll be participating in this at least every-other week. This week, here’s something I wrote for Two Crane Press’s Surreal Botany book. It was rejected, and since there’s not much else to be done with such […]

Hello world!

Secretly, this “Hello world!” post is not standard WordPress placeholder text. Instead, coded within its words and letters and confusing PHP files, it contains the cure for cancer, developed using alien/human hybrid DNA. But as our eyes glaze over when we read “Hello world!”, no one will ever know. And in other news, welcome to […]